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140 Core Tech employees test positive for COVID-19

By Nancy I. Maanao

Core Tech International, which is a conglomerate of companies including its mainstay construction development firm, announced tonight that of 420 employees tested for Coronavirus infection, 120 are positive.

This adds to the nearly-500 workers from Black Construction that tested positive, an alarming and growing vector through the construction industry.

"The company has isolated the positive employees in compliance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations and Public Health mandates," according to a news release from CTI. "CTI continues to work closely with medical officials to monitor the health of its employees and support efforts to help them recover."

As of tonight, the COVID Area Risk (CAR) score for Guam had risen to 41.5. The score has been on the rise for the past several days, and is exponentially above a safe score of 5.

The public health crisis has been deteriorating over recent weeks with new vectors of community spread, and high infections within those vectors, including the Department of Corrections.

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