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17 credit cards used for reimbursement

By Jacob Nakamura

(Tumon, Guam) A closer examination of the receipts Gov. Ralph Torres has turned in so that the taxpayers can pay him for the personal shopping sprees reveals the use of 17 different credit cards for these supposed purchases.

The governor turns the receipts in to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Department of Finance for reimbursement following several on-island dining and off island expenses. The earliest of these reimbursement memos date to 2015.

Most of the receipts detail lavish dining at fancy restaurants and shopping sprees for personal items, such as Bose headphones, speaker systems, coolers, soft candy, and Cheetos.

Several receipts even reveal that he charged the CNMI taxpayers to pay for dinner for his personal business partners.

Most of the purchases were made with cash, however, there are 17 receipts, all with purchases made by a separate credit card. Unless there is a bank in this country that will issue 17 credit cards to someone on a public servant's salary, the use of these receipts are highly suspect. Here is the list of the credit card suffixes:

  1. 7438

  2. 8223

  3. 1001

  4. 1002

  5. 6500

  6. 1232

  7. 3987

  8. 6177

  9. 2868

  10. 2945

  11. 1009

  12. 5826

  13. 5526

  14. 1214

  15. 7016

  16. 6503

  17. 6836

If the governor's name is not on all of these cards, whose names are? Where did he get these receipts? Why are the taxpayers paying the governor for someone else's purchases?

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Kalakas Babui Torress


He’s gaining weight using tax payers money BABUI


kulan ticlaro
kulan ticlaro
Dec 05, 2019

OMG...while others starve & struggle to make ends Ralphy goes shopping & dining on taxpayers' mullah. Always wondered about the weight gain.


What are those numbers on my credit card?


10xx is American Express. Xx denotes which Amex card this is for the primary cardholder. Your first card is 1001, your second card is 1002, and so on.

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