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5th batch and paper checks for unemployment next week

The following is news from the Guam Department of Labor:

Claimants who opted for paper checks when applying for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance can expect to receive checks in their mailboxes by next week. This includes those whose electronic payments were declined due to incorrect account information.

The Guam Department of Labor today requested a draw down for its fifth and largest batch of unemployment funds — $54 million. This will pay out cleared claims through June 24th, including electronic transfers as well as paper checks. Of the $54 million, $35.8 million will go toward direct deposit claims, $14.5 million will go to paper check claims since the start of the

program, and $4.5 million will go toward taxes. This brings the total amount of PUA payments to $195.5 million with a total of $16 million going to taxes.

According to the Department of Administration, banks should expect to start to receive funds by direct deposit on Monday.

People can expect checks to be mailed out on Wednesday, as Tuesday is a holiday. To date DOL and DOA have manually processed close to 700 checks.

“The Department of Labor appreciates DOA working with us to get payments out. I also have to thank the dedication and hard work of my staff. I feel the payment process is moving smoothly now, and batches for electronic and paper check payments should process weekly,” said Labor Director David Dell’Isola.

“Labor also continues to be aggressive toward helping claimants that have issues with their applications. This week we corrected more than 1,000 claims with problems. $195 million is a lot of money to pump into the economy and help our people during this pandemic and their time of need,” Dell’Isola added.

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