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7 senators respond; 1 Republican breaks ranks

By Jacob Nakamura

(Tumon, Guam) The three independent minority members of the Commonwealth Senate have all agreed to disclose their monthly allowance expenditures, if any. Senators Paul Manglona, Teresita Santos, and Vinnie Sablan each wrote to Kandit News Group informing us of their intention to disclose the public records.

Four Republican senators responded: Senate President Victor Hocog, and Senators Jude Hofschneider, Sixto Igisomar, and Justo Quitugua. Mr. Hocog, Mr. Hofschneider, and Mr. Igisomar sent template letters similar to the letters sent by 11 House Republicans refusing disclosure of the receipts of their expenditures of public funds.

Mr. Quitugua is the only Republican, who welcomed Kandit to call or visit to inspect his records of expenditure.

Independent House member Donald Manglona also contacted Kandit to inform us of his intention to disclose his public records. The independent minority bloc has told us all their members will comply with Kandit's Open Government Act request for disclosure. Thus far, Congressmen Ed Propst, Tina Sablan, and Edmund Villagomez have disclosed that they do not take the monthly allowance.

Republican House member Ralph Yumul is the only member of his party in the House who has disclosed that he does not avail of the monthly allowance. Eleven of his Republican colleagues in the House sent template letters refusing disclosure of their receipts:

  1. Speaker Blas Jonathan Attao

  2. Vice Speaker Lorenzo Deleon Guerrero

  3. Floor Leader John Paul Sablan

  4. Ivan Blanco

  5. Joel Camacho

  6. Antonio Borja

  7. Janet Maratita

  8. Luis Castro

  9. Jose Itibus

  10. Roman Benavente

  11. Joseph Flores

In Mr. Yumul's response to Kandit, he provided evidence that Mr. Attao was the official pushing Republicans to sign the template letter.

Sources have told Kandit News that the remaining two Republicans who have not responded to the OGA, Congressmen Lee Pan Guerrero and Marco Peter, refused to sign the template letters.

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To: BoycottTheMarianasVariety -

I used to read the online version; same with The Saipan Tribune. They are useful for covering small stories (funerals, sports, etc.). But since I began reading Kandit News, I realize how lack-luster the Saipan newspapers are. Even KSPN has better coverage about the goings-on in the CNMI.

The CNMI (and probably Guam also) is in a monumental state of transition, and it is long overdue. Thank God the Feds decided to intervene - this was earth-shaking! And Kandit News presents stories that are, by far, superior to any other news organization.

As John Lennon once sang, "Just gimme some truth!"


Boycott the Marianas Variety.

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