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A loving & grieving sister's letter of love & peace to the man who murdered her brother

Submitted by Brianna Meno

"Everyone has a history, and without history there's no story to tell," my brother Joshua always said. Growing up he was always the one making my family laugh and mad at the same time.

He loved to joke around. He was the comedian in our family. As he grew older and hung out with his crowd, I would give him a hard time and would talk to him about taking my advice. I am his oldest sibling on Guam and I've tried my hardest to be there for him and my other siblings.

Josh always turned to friends. I'm saddened and heartbroken that a friend would do such a thing. He trusted you (Matt). He doesn't trust a lot of people and that should say a lot.

One thing that I know of  my brothers, they wouldn't start problems unless the problem started from others. He was always trying to defend and protect himself. It's been a week since I've been questioning myself.

Would he have survived the injury you caused him if you helped him? Was he pleading for help? Did you have to use a deadly weapon? Could there have been other ways for you to handle the situation? Were you not thinking before you acted? How did you just sit first class and watch [the crime scene] and not have any remorse?

To Matt and his family: as we both grieve the loss of my brother Joshua James Meno, I pray for both our families. I pray for both our families to continue to hold on to memories, strength, love and peace. We live in a crazy world as it is already, and everyone must learn to love each other. We are not the devil.

I'm not angry. I tried to be. I just can't.

Brianna Meno is the older sister of Joshua Meno, who was gunned down April 15, 2021, and Justin Meno, who was found unconscious by prison guards on March 29, 2017. He died five months later from his injuries.

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