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A plea for prayer for the School Sisters of Notre Dame

By Troy Torres

Dear KanditLand,

Sister Francine Perez, the Province Liaison for the School Sisters of Notre Dame, has just announced that two sisters have tested positive for COVID-19.

"The School Sisters of Notre Dame are working closely with the Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) and are taking the necessary steps to safeguard the religious order and everyone," Sister Francine said. "This includes immediate testing of all SSND sisters and participation in contact tracing."

I write this to you all more as a letter than as a news story, because I am a product of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. I knew many of them, who were responsible for my high school education, and my physical and spiritual nutrition.

From what I know, the majority of the sisters are elderly. Each one of them are selfless and sweet beyond measure.

Sister Francine asks for the prayers of the community: "We ask for your prayers and assure you that the School Sisters of Notre Dame also keep everyone in Guam and our world constantly in their prayers."

I also make a personal plea for your prayers for the sisters.

On another note, our very own Jacob Nakamura could use some prayer and positive uplifting as well. That's all.

Love always,


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