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AG: Moore arrested for the murder of Michael Castro

By Jacob Nakamura

Without disclosing whether they have found Michael Castro's body, Attorney General Leevin Camacho and police chief Stephen Ignacio confirmed the government's official position that Michael Castro, 27, has been murdered by Nicholas Moore, 23.

Moore, the son of Unitek owner LeRoy Moore, was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals in Florida on a federal arrest warrant issued by Judge Frances Tydingco Gatewood May 28, the same day Nicholas Moore was spotted outside his apartment near the beach in Florida. The affidavit for the warrant states the attorney general on May 21, 2021 secured an arrest warrant in local court for Nicholas Moore for murder and attempted murder.

The attempted murder, according to the federal warrant, occurred on October 15, 2020. The murder occurred on October 30, 2020. Both incidences were the result of shootings, allegedly by Nicholas Moore.

Michael Castro was last seen by his mother October 29, 2020 driving a gold Lexus. Guam Police Department previously confirmed they located the vehicle shortly after Castro went missing. Sources indicated the car was shot up with bullet holes, and the interior bloodied. The federal affidavit confirmed the existence of blood, and stated that the blood in the car and the blood on a .45 caliber pistol found in the Moores's Cross Island Road mansion match.

Officials have been silent about the investigation into Castro's disappearance, until moments ago, when the attorney general confirmed the sealed arrest warrant in local court dealt with the murder of Castro.

According to the federal warrant, officials believe Nicholas Moore used his father's boat to dump Mr. Castro's body in the ocean.

Attorney General Camacho would not confirm whether LeRoy Moore is believed to have helped his son cover up any crimes he is alleged to have committed. The AG also would not confirm whether any of Unitek's assets were used in the commission of any crimes, or if forfeiture proceedings will begin for the seizure of assets.


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