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Airport investigating Mantanona; GPD comments

By Jacob Nakamura


Airport spokeswoman Rolenda Faasuamalie confirmed the Guam International Airport Authority is investigating its fire chief, Raymond Mantanona, based on his daughter's report that he raped her for years as a girl.

Ms. Faasuamalie was cautious, telling Kandit, "Because this is a personnel matter, we're unable to comment further."

Mr. Mantanona's boss, airport executive manager John Quinata provided a response to Kandit over the weekend that was inadvertently sent to the wrong recipient, according to Ms. Faasuamalie:

"We have not been notified, nor was a copy of a complaint forwarded to our office. We take these matters seriously, and are reaching out to proper authorities to ascertain if there is such a complaint."

Ms. Faasuamalie said airport management did see the story Kandit ran after that, including the testimony from the abuse survivor, Rachel Mantanona, and the airport quickly sprung into action. She is unable to comment beyond that.

Rachel Mantanona

Guam Police Department spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao also discussed the matter with Kandit:

TAPAO: The Mantanona case was followed up by our DART investigators on July 22, 2020. Due to the statue of limitation, the case was closed relative to the criminal sexual conduct complaint and forwarded to the OAG.

KANDIT: Is there an ongoing investigation for a charge of official misconduct?

TAPAO: The official misconduct will have to be reviewed as there were no indications from our detectives that the alleged had used his position and or his official capacity during the alleged incident.

KANDIT: According to Ms. Mantanona, no Guam police officers ever asked her any questions. How was that assumption made?

TAPAO: According to our detectives, they reviewed the packet complaint that was authored by HPD when Ms. Mantanona had filed the complaint. Now if there were something that our detectives had overlooked or an oversight on our end, the OAG can open the case up for re-investigation should charges of official misconduct be laid.

Kandit has informed Ms. Mantanona of the GPD's position on the official misconduct charge, and she is expected to file an addendum to her original complaint raising the official misconduct, and the possibility of reopening the rape case for charges.

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Richard V Leon
Richard V Leon
Aug 05, 2020

Little Ray "SunShine' Mantanona must be related to everybody and anybody. Maybe even boob Underwood!


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