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Alicto goes berserk on driver, prosecutor's declaration describes

Clarice Iris Alicto

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Clarice Iris Alicto, 35, was walking on Aga Blvd. in Ypaopao Estates, Dededo, when she stopped a car by darting in front of it, according to a declaration of probable cause by prosecutor Peter Santos.

Ms. Alicto yelled at the driver, a stranger, that she wanted to fight with him. The victim said he didn't want any trouble with her.

She then demanded he give her a cigarette. He told her he didn't have any.

So she asked him for $5. He told her he didn't have any money.

She darted to the victim's window and yelled, "Why are you lying to me?" as though this man owed her a case of spam.

The victim then told her all he has is his cell phone; she grabbed it from his hand. The victim asked for his phone back, to which she replied for him to go away. The victim went back to his place of work and asked his boss to help him to retrieve his cell phone. When they went to where she was, she told them to leave, and she began pouring a liquid on his car.

According to Mr. Santos, Ms. Alicto "was aggressive and disorderly and was throwing items from a nearby parked vehicle onto the middle of the road. The Victim's boss instructed him to leave and wait for police."

When police found Ms. Alicto, she threw a cell phone out from her breast area and exclaimed, "I don't know why that fucken (sic) Chuukese gave me this cell phone." She then threw the phone on the ground forcefully, cracking the phone's screen and back cover and damaging the motherboard of the phone.

Mr. Santos accuses Ms. Alicto of third degree robbery as a third degree felony, and criminal mischief as a misdemeanor. He did not accuse her of needing to get a job to buy her own cigarettes, or being an unbelievable fucking bitch.

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