Alleged rape details reveal holes in supposed victim's story

By Johnnie Rosario and Eric Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) A woman, who accused Jayson Song, 38, of raping her has some explaining to do to the jury in Mr. Song's trial. And the prosecution's star witness, the woman's mother, is nowhere to be found. The mother, Reneelita Mesa, previously convicted in federal court of counterfeiting and other crimes, is on the run after failing to check into the federal probation office for two months.

Jury selection and opening statements in the Song trial concluded yesterday in Judge Vernon Perez's courtroom at the Superior Court of Guam. During the first day of the trial, the prosecution laid out the charges against Mr. Song, and his defense team summed up the rape charges in one theme: 'How do you rape the willing?'

The story begins on November 2, 2016, when the alleged victim says Mr. Song carnapped her then raped her. On that day and before the alleged rape, Mr. Song stopped by his house to change and left the woman in his car. Defense attorney Clyde Lemons asked the jury why she didn't get out of the car and run while Mr. Song was out of sight and inside the home.

Mr. Song then got back into the car, and they had sex in the driveway of his home.

Mr. Song admits to having sex with the woman, but has taken his case to trial, claiming he did not rape her; they had consensual sex. He even admits to smoking ice with her. She claims that as he was holding the pipe with one hand and a lighter in the other burning the bowl for her to smoke, that she observed a seven-inch knife on the middle console of his car.

After having sex, the couple then met a woman at the Oka Payless, where Mr. Song asked this woman to take the alleged victim back to the Tamuning gym, where her boyfriend worked. The alleged victim did not want to go with the woman and wanted to remain with Mr. Song, according to the defense's evidence.

They had sex one more time in the car before she got out at the GPO parking lot.

Some time between then and November 17, when the woman and her mother made the rape complaint against Mr. Song, the woman claimed that Mr. Song had stalked them to the Harmon McDonalds. The woman's mother made a 911 call, alleging Mr. Song was chasing them, but could not provide officers with their location. Footage at the McDonalds shows Mr. Song running into them and, according to the defense, that they asked him for money and he gave them money.

The woman's mother, Ms. Mesa, is a fugitive from the law. The prosecutor, Leonardo Rapadas, mentioned that he may ask for some time to present his star witness for her testimony. She is on the run because of her failure to check in to federal probation.

On November 17 they made the complaint against Mr. Song. On December 2, 2018, officers arrest Mr. Song.

The alleged victim told police officers that Mr. Song had threatened her in the car. However, days later she told the sex assault officer on her case that Mr. Song did not threaten her at all. When officers arrested Mr. Song and searched his car, they found a three-inch knife in plain sight.

The prosecution began presenting its case in chief today. The trial is expected to take two weeks.

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