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Alleged victim's mother asked Jayson Song for money prior to report of rape

Jayson Song

By Johnnie Rosario and Eric Rosario

(Hagatna, Guam) The defense team for Jayson Song, who was accused of a rape that supposedly happened on November 2, 2016, spent the entire day cross examining the woman who accused her of rape. And for a second day, attorney David Lujan found out from this woman that statements she made to police and testimony she was giving on the stand were not matching.

The woman also revealed that a second police statement was made by the woman on December 1, 2016, or 20 days after her first statement on November 11. In that second statement, the woman provides police with other details of the case, including messages between Mr. Song and her mother, convicted fugitive Renee Mesa.

Renee Mesa, convicted fugitive and alleged rape victim's mother, who asked Jayson Song for money after the alleged rape #filterstatus

The messages reveal that Ms. Mesa was asking Mr. Song for money in the days between November 2 and the date of the first report, November 11.

Mr. Lujan showed the woman a picture of the knife she says she saw in Mr. Song's truck the day of the alleged rape. She confirmed the three-inch red knife was the knife she saw. In her police complaint in November 11, three years ago, the woman described the knife she saw laying on the middle console of the truck as a seven-inch orange knife.

In her second statement on December 1, 2016, the woman claimed she saw a black pocket knife on the cushion of Mr. Song's chair, however, neither she nor the prosecutors brought this up in court testimony.

It was also revealed in court today that while she was outside Mr. Song's house on November 2, she did get out of the truck, when Mr. Song offered for his female friend to drop the woman back to GPO. The woman refused to go with Mr. Song's friend and elected instead to remain with Mr. Song. Mr. Lujan asked her why, if she was terrified of Mr. Song for raping her, would she not go with the woman back to GPO, where she met Mr. Song.

Interestingly, when police asked the woman during her December 1 interview why she didn't go to police after the supposed rape. She said, "I didn't want to tell the police right away because I was afraid of going through the long process and most likely having to go to a trial."

It is unclear how this woman knows that the process is long, or whether she has been the subject of a similar criminal case.

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