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Americans across the country are calling San Nicolas a hero

By Jacob Nakamura

Congressman Michael San Nicolas is being hailed across the country as a fighter for the average American after news of beat-down of hedge fund manager Robinhood executive Vlad Tenev reached the Reddit audience.

Mr. San Nicolas, who was the vice chairman of the powerful House Financial Services Committee, took Mr. Tenev to task last week in a committee hearing, where he defended the ability of ordinary Americans to have the freedom in the marketplace to make extraordinary gains. The hearing was premised on Robinhood's shutdown of trading following a groundswell effort that, in short, led to a lot of average Americans making money on Gamestop stocks, while big traders lost big time.

Below is a sample of one post, and several samples of comments about Mr. San Nicolas, and in turn, Guam, because of his performance:

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