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Another Brennan causing chaos at a GovGuam agency

By Jacob Nakamura

(Susupe, Saipan) Yet another Brennan is in the news for causing waves at an agency as the Civil Service Commission recently issued a judgement voiding an illegal promotion of Lisa Brennan Linek at GVB.

The CSC judgement is in regards to Brennan Linek’s recruitment to the position of accountant III.

During the past Calvo administration – the visitor’s bureau refused to cooperate with the CSC on their post audit investigation into Brennan Linek. Under the guidance of Jadeen Tuncap, GVB refused to provide requested documentation related to the actions. CSC said it was unprecedented for them that an agency refused to cooperate with a post-audit investigation.

The original CSC decision in 2018 revealed that the 2015 staffing pattern shows the employees in question – Lisa Linek was recruited to the position in the second quarter of the fiscal year. Staffing pattern to at least the 2014 fiscal year does not list Linek as a GVB employee. However, her increment date reflects a date of Dec. 29, 2015. They also ruled she was not qualified and declared her promotion null and void.

Lisa Brennan Linek appealed the decision to the Superior Court and lost and it was remanded back to CSC. The commissioners just recently issued another decision and order ONCE AGAIN nullifying her promotion noting that Lisa Brennan Linek was not qualified for the promotion and lacked the experience required to hold the title of Accountant III which required at least two years of previous experience as an Accountant II or equivalent work.

Shortly after the decision came down, Lisa Brennan Linek was suspected of being one of the employees behind anonymous letters to the media attacking the GVB director Pilar Liguana for requiring them to attend more meetings and thoroughly explain their research and reports – basically for doing what public funds pay them to do. Ironically, someone at DOC took a page out of Lisa Brennan Linek playbook and began writing anonymous letters about her dad’s sister – Department of Corrections Director Samantha Brennan.

No word yet on whether Lisa Brennan Linek will resign – un-resign – go on leave – maybe sick leave or check her family game rooms during working hours or go shopping at the commissary while allegedly maybe supposedly on sick leave.

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1 Comment

Frances Torres
Frances Torres
Nov 20, 2019

Is she Connie Jo's Daughter?

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