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Archbishop: Church owes recompense to survivors of Apuron, other priests & laymen

By Jacob Nakamura

Archbishop Michael Byrnes, in a seven-minute homily, said his predecessor along with several other priests and laymen acted like “hired men,” who cared not for their flock and allowed “the wolf” to attack children.

His predecessor is Anthony Apuron, whom Pope Francis has banished from Guam following his Canonical conviction involving Apuron’s sex crimes.

The metaphor of the hired men and the wolf came from the Gospel reading of the Good Shepherd, where Jesus Christ says a good shepherd cares deeply for his flock, but hired men will allow the wolves in. The Archbishop, in his homily, likened “the wolf” to the sexual exploitation of more than 300 boys and girls.

The Archbishop said that because of the “past” sins of the church, the Archdiocese owes recompense to the survivors of Apuron, the other priests, and laymen. He also said the Archdiocese under his leadership is implementing policies to never again allow people in the church to turn a blind eye to abuse.

Watch his entire homily here:

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