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Arrest record indicates gun was used in aggravated assault of former Umatac mayor

By Eric Rosario

Police arrested Joyner Sked, 32, for aggravated assault of former Umatac mayor Daniel Sanchez. And according to the booking sheet released by the Department of Corrections today, they allege she used a gun in that aggravated assault. Both she and her boyfriend, repeat criminal Rudy Quinata, 59, have been arrested by police for murdering Mr. Sanchez this weekend. But only Ms. Sked was arrested for aggravated assault, which according to the citation of law used by police, was for recklessly causing or attempting to cause "serious bodily injury to another in circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life."

According to the law, this type of aggravated assault is a third degree felony.

The murder charge, according to the law, is a felony of the first degree punishable by a life sentence in prison, with the possibility of parole after 15 years of service.

The Guam Police Department has not released the details of the murder of Mr. Sanchez, including how he was killed, or what type of weapon was used to kill him. The Office of the Attorney General's declaration of probable cause, more commonly known as a magistrates report, also has not yet been released. That report normally summarizes the allegations against the suspects of a crime.

All that is known from officials at this time comes from the two booking reports released by DOC today. The records, one each for Quinata and Sked, reveal both were arrested for murder, but that Sked was arrested also for aggravated assault involving a gun, and for use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony. No other details are available officially.

It is important to note that many times the magistrates report does not end up matching the arrest record, as prosecutors often exclude from initial charges in court crimes for which the police arrested the suspect but lack probable cause.

Kandit in 2019 reported on and criticized the release of Rudy Quinata from prison by the Guam Parole Board under Calvo-appointed chairwoman Michelle Hope Taitano. The report followed his arrest following a scuffle with his girlfriend, Ms. Sked, in Umatac that involved assertions she took too long at the store buying beer.

The arrest records and sections of the law referenced for arrest follow:

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