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Bermudez punches GF over $5 for drugs

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) A repeat woman beater, 24-year-old George Crisostomo Bermudez, Jr. punched his girlfriend repeatedly after the ingrate's girlfriend gave this lowlife the last $5 she had.

Mr. Bermudez asked her for $10 to buy drugs for himself. All she had was $5. Seeing as how a $5 plate of drugs will do nothing for a chronic, Mr. Bermudez went to sleep at his aunt's house. His girlfriend went there after midnight last night and tried to wake him up. He put a knife to her neck, then punched her several times, according to prosecutor Woodrow Pengelly's declaration of probable cause against him.

Police responded to the complaint of the assault against the girlfriend around 1 a.m. today. She sustained injuries to her forehead and behind her ear and was taken to Guam Regional Medical Center for treatment.

While being arrested and mirandized by police officers, Mr. Bermudez shouted - like an idiot - "I've been arrested for family violence before so I'm not signing anything." Idiot.

According to Mr. Pengelly, "A check of records indicated George Bermudez currently has an open case (sic) CF 119-17 for family violence."

Mr. Pengelly accuses Mr. Bermudez of terrorizing as a third degree felony, and family violence as a misdemeanor.

It is unclear whether Mr. Bermudez faces additional accusations or sanctions for violation of pre-trial release conditions stemming from his 2017 family violence case.

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