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Blas bribed prison officials to release inmates; Terlaje implicated

Yona Mayor Jesse Blas and former prison deputy director Joey Terlaje

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Rafael Fernandez told attorneys and the judge in the Jesse Blas case that the Yona mayor paid people at the local prison to free inmates.

The mayor wasn’t only accepting bribes from drug dealers.

The mayor also was bribing high-ranking officials $15,000 each to assist in releasing inmates from prison.

"The mayor does maintain contact with high-ranking folks at the prison," Mr. Fernandez told attorneys. "The mayor was willing to allow an inmate to be released"

The defendant also has ties to local Guam Marshals, according to Mr. Fernandez.

Since the start of the Leon Guerrero administration, on at least two occasions, DOC had reported the “accidental” release of inmates from DOC. Throughout this entire time, Joey Terlaje was the prison’s deputy director. Mr. Blas and Mr. Terlaje are close friends and served as Guam Marshals together.

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