Blood money mansion

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Ever dream of a nice house for your family? Maybe you want to buy your mom and dad a house so they stop worrying about the rent. Maybe you want to leave a nice place for your kids? Maybe you're worried that it's the second month you can't pay your mortgage and the bank is closing in on foreclosure.

How about a mansion? How about a $3.75 million mansion?

You can't afford it? You own a small business and you can't afford it? The governor sticking you with more taxes fuhhreverrrrr?

Well, you're in the wrong business, my friend. You need to invest in blood money. Call any one of Guam's gambling lords and ask them how they do it.

Actually, it's quite simple. All you need to do is donate to a few senators's campaigns, send a few thousand to the governor's campaign, have them change the gambling laws to cater to your importation of these cool-looking arcade machines called slot machines, put them in these dark gamerooms everywhere, and watch the most at-risk people come inside to blow all the money they have in to those machines.

In exchange for all the money they had for their mortgages, you can afford your very own mansion at the exclusive Talo Verde.

Welcome to lifestyles of the rich and famous, Guam. Today, we showcase to you Luxurious living at its finest in Talo Verde Estates.

This home boasts 8,100 square feet of living space which includes bathrooms for each bedroom and a spacious kitchen with professional grade appliances. The basement - yes there's a basement - contains an exercise room and sauna, a wetbar and wine celler - a must for entertaining.

Once outside, you are greeted by an Olympic size lap pool, swimming pool designed for scuba diving, Japanese rock garden and waterfalls that add to the beauty of this fine home.

For those to expect the ultimate in executive living, this home should be yours. But it can't be.

Because on October 22, 2019 - right after Kandit began its Blood Money series into the billion-dollar underground gambling industry that is tearing up Guam families, the majority owner of the main slot machines company, Lauren Bromley, came to Guam and signed the contract to buy this home.

One day later, on October 23, the purchase of the home was completed and closed - an unheard of two-day transaction from start to finish. Ms. Bromley paid $3.75 million in cash to close the deal on the most expensive real estate transaction for a residence in many many years on Guam.

While the people of Guam suffer and struggle just to afford life, the owners of the gambling industry that is tearing up this island are living it up, and the Guam Legislature continues to sit around discussing what kind of lighting the fish like instead of doing something about the economic rape of the people of Guam.

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