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BREAKING NEWS: 3 confirmed COVID-19 cases on Guam

(Tumon, Guam) Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero has just announced that three residents have tested positive for COVID-19.

Two of the three people are over the age of 60 and returned from a United Airlines flight from Manila on March 2, 2020. The governor is asking anyone who was on that flight to come forward and get tested.

The third person has no travel history.

"They're out there tracing, they're contacting people to find out," that patient's contact history, the governor said. "We're trying to do everything that can be done."

This is a developing story.

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5 commentaires

Had the Guam government implement a mandatory 14 days Airport onsite quarantine to all passengers flying from infected countries, we wouldnt have to deal with this shit. May this virus weigh on your conscience, GovGuam! you've failed us yet again!


Goes to show that the mentality of our government is reactive rather than proactive...No surprise here...!!!!!!!!!🤡


:Newsweek magazine published an artcile today revealing that the first case in China was hushed up and kept quiet all the way back to November 17th of 2019. Knowing that it was circulating in China back then, the odds favor it being in the CNMI even though they promote the island as "coronavirus free". I doubt it, as that would be a miracle considering everything. It's only a matter of time.


Why wasn’t a section of the airport or even a mobile quarantine receiving depot not designated once screening revealed PUI? Was our government caught with its panties down?🤡


Shame on this frickin Governor for allowing this to happen on our beautiful island of Guam.

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