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BREAKING NEWS: 3 new Dengue cases; GovGuam lies about 1 case it was aware of for days

By Johnnie Rosario

The administration was lying, when it told the public there were no further suspected cases of Dengue infection.

In a news release issued by the Joint Information Center just moments ago, a ninth patient has been pending Dengue-testing confirmation for days. Health and administration officials never said anything about this fact. The patient's lab results came back from off island as positive.

The government has not provided any critical information important to the public about this case, such as the general vicinity of the patient's home, workplace, or school. It is unclear whether the patient has been hospitalized, isolated, or otherwise treated for symptoms and given tools to repel mosquito bites.

There now also are two additional imported cases of Dengue as well, raising the imported tally by 50 percent to six imported cases. The new tally of locally-acquired cases now is nine. There have been 15 total cases of Dengue infection since the outbreak began.

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero, however, is not calling the outbreak what it is, telling the media she prefers to call these, 'cases.'

The Joint Information Center has been critical of citizens posting information about Dengue on social media and has demanded that residents read information only provided by the JIC, despite the absence, belatedness, and inaccuracy of information the JIC has provided to the public during this crisis.

Kandit previously brought you the story of a young mother and her daughter with Dengue infection, who have been trying to warn the residents of Piti and the students of Jose Rios Middle School that the source of the transmission was the football field behind the Piti school. Even Piti Mayor Jesse Alig has ignored the warnings from this woman. You may read this story by clicking here.

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