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BREAKING NEWS: 4-day school week in Saipan starting soon

By Troy Torres

Kimo Rosario, acting Commissioner of Education

(Tumon, Guam) Teachers from Hopwood Middle School are reporting that Public School System officials informed them in a meeting that just ended that the school week will be cut from five to four days weekly. The change may begin in April.

Acting Commissioner of Education Kimo Rosario confirmed to Kandit that teachers's work hours will be reduced by 20 percent as soon as the statutory notifications mature. This means the school week will be shortened to only four days for students, or the equivalent of only 32 hours of work per week for teachers.

Other teachers are reporting that the government is forcing them to sign an addendum to their records agreeing to a 20 percent reduction in work hours. If they don't sign the addendum, they will be terminated within 90 days.

PSS has been hit hardest by Gov. Ralph Torres's austerity programs.

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I have an idea!! Why don't we bring a Chinese casino to save our economy?! Oh. Wait...


David L
David L
Mar 04, 2020

It is always the most vulnerable who suffer while the most rich continue with their self-serving corruption

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