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BREAKING NEWS: Accident at Saipan casino construction site

UPDATE: No fatalities; broken bones among injuries

By Nancy I. Maanao

UPDATE (1:44 p.m.): Sources are reporting there have been no fatalities in the construction site accident at the Best Sunshine casino monstrosity. According to sources, DPS officials are stating three people were brought to the Commonwealth's hospital with "minor" injuries. Sources have said that at least one of the injured has broken bones from the accident.


A major accident has happened at the construction site of the Best Sunshine casino in Garapan. Sources are reporting that three people were injured. According to a firefighter at the scene, a scaffold collapsed one-storey high.

This is a developing story.

Below is video taken of the aftermath:

Here is another video of medics removing one of the injured workers:

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James Eagan
James Eagan
Jan 11, 2020

Actually, believe it or not, many of the Italian workers are real Italians. (This surprises a lot of people.). In any event, I’m sure it’s nothing that a quick trip to “The Johns Hopkins of the far western Pacific” can’t fix...


This will probably bring in the Fed OSHA again and a a look at the legality of IPI workers, I wonder how many illegals the Fed will find this time.

Watch the airports and look and see if there is an influx of outgoing Chinese overstays. (Unless they start flying them (smuggling them) out on private jets)


" Most small businesses obtain the insurance, get the license, then immediately cancel and refund the insurance. Then start again the following year. "

I know for a fact to get a business license on the outer islands they do not even ask or check for any workman comp. It is very doubtful also if they do on Saipan especially if the person is known. look at all of the mom and pop stores and other small business that are actually owned by CW's and that are fronted by local people, many politicos and certain family member's.

Years ago on an outer island, a certain Mayor, shortly after his election applied for and obtained reportedly 30 business license at the…


Purely out of curiosity, how Italian are the Italian construction workers? I'd imagine they're recent immigrants to Italy, perhaps from north Africa.


Also, no Cnmi employee would ever use the workers compensation coverage. They'll be fired and blacklisted. In most cases they don't even know it exists.

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