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BREAKING NEWS: AG secures indictment against alleged serial rapist Ko San Nicolas

By Jacob Nakamura

Attorney General Leevin Camacho has secured a Grand Jury indictment against Frank "Ko" San Nicolas in second degree felony criminal sexual conduct and misdemeanor CSC charges.

"The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) presented defendant Frank ‘Ko’ San Nicolas’ cases involving two different victims, CF306-20 and CF564-20, to a grand jury," according to a news release from the Office of the Attorney General. "A true bill was returned in both cases."

San Nicolas

On May 29 this year, Kandit broke the news that former seaport police officer Frank San Nicolas had been accused of rape by a woman who says he lured to a secluded area off Tanguissen Beach by telling her his son - a man known to the woman - was there, and that he wanted to show her ancient Chamorro customs.

The woman is not from Guam, and says she was afraid to speak up because she considers herself an outsider and because Mr. San Nicolas is a police officer.

According to a police source of information and a separate confidential source of information close to the woman, she went with Mr. San Nicolas eager to learn more about the Chamorro culture and trusting him because of her friendship with his son. His son was at the secluded area, when she and Mr. San Nicolas arrived and the two men were conversing in what she believed to be the Chamorro language. After some time, sources say, Mr. San Nicolas spoke to his son in Chamorro, and his son told her he would be leaving. He then left the scene.

She accuses him of showing his firearm to her prior to the alleged rape, and informing her he is a high-ranking police officer. Under the guise of performing a Chamorro ritual, she accuses him of rubbing her body with coconut oil, then penetrating her against her wishes.

Since the story broke, other women have come forward accusing Mr. San Nicolas of rape.

The seaport authority confirms Mr. San Nicolas no longer works at the port.

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