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BREAKING NEWS: CNMI Legislature debating motion to subpoena the governor

Rep. Tina Sablan has reinstated her motion to subpoena Gov. Ralph Torres.

The Special Committee investigating the governor is debating the motion now.

At issue is the ability for the committee to verify whether 17 different credit cards used by the governor to receive reimbursements from tax payers actually belong to the governor.

“The only person who can tell us this really is the governor,” Ms. Sablan said.

We are live casting the hearing right now, if you’d like to watch this debate unfold and be part of history.

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I like Tina. If she were less attractive, she'd be a pit bull that bites. I remember when she grilled Gov. Fitial, and he was on the hot seat - but refused to answer. When Tina questioned Shelli Neal's questionable trip to Pagan with a defendant, Ambrosio Ogumoro, Shelli yelled back, but Tina had her nailed: such trips are not allowed. If Tina is successful in getting Gov. Torres in the Hot Seat, it's not going to be pretty. What makes this of special interest is that the FBI also has Torres and his brothers in the cross-hairs. So, one way or another, our lying, duplicitous Governor is going down. It's just a matter of time now.

My hope is…

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