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BREAKING NEWS: Congressman says Guam DOL may be wrong about unemployment

By Johnnie Rosario

Congressman Michael San Nicolas said information put out today by Guam Department of Labor director David Dell Isola may be wrong, and is inconsistent with all information available to members of Congress and in the latest written guidance from the federal government.

Mr. Dell Isola this morning told residents that anyone who is working will be disqualified from the $300 per week Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation.

"We have not received any such guidance that was announced by the Guam Department of Labor. There is no guidance that is consistent with the information that those with reduced hours will not qualify for FPUC.

"I do have the latest guidance in writing. The law that created the initial FPUC has not changed.

"My team is reaching out to the various channels we have in the House to confirm this. We ask everyone not to panic about this." - Congressman San Nicolas

There were no changes made to the CARES Act that would reduce eligibility for the FPUC, Mr. San Nicolas's policy chief Sahara Defensor told the media in a snap news conference Wednesday afternoon.

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