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BREAKING NEWS: Cop Joey Aguon under criminal investigation for police brutality

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Police chief Stephen Ignacio placed former Mandana task force police officer Joey Aguon under criminal and administrative investigation for police brutality.

The Guam Police Department was forced to respond in this way due to a viral video depicting Mr. Aguon sucker punching a defendant under arrest and not resisting.

The following statement was provided by police spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao:

Today, Chief of Police Stephen Ignacio became aware of a viral video circulating throughout social media portraying what appears to be several Guam Police Officers escorting a male individual to a patrol car, with one of the officers appeared to have struck the male individual.Chief Ignacio stresses that it is important that the Department remains above reproach when performing their duties and responsibilities, in order to maintain the trust and respect from the public. And to that extent, Chief Ignacio has ordered an immediate criminal and administrative investigation surrounding this video and the activities contained within it. The Guam Police Department has received numerous inquiries concerning this video and its contents and has inquired specifically as to the name of the alleged officer. Chief Ignacio states, “That since there is an active criminal and administrative investigation, the identities of individuals involved will not be disclosed at this time.”

This is not Mr. Aguon's first dance with police brutality. Kandit has been covering the illegal activities of he and his former colleagues in the Mandana Drug Task Force for the past year. Despite numerous occasions, when we have raised these issues to the Guam Police Department, this is the first time GPD is actually acknowledging the problem, at least with Mr. Aguon, and conducting an investigation.

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