BREAKING NEWS: Couple, who for years raped a child, out of jail

By Eric Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Both Duayne and Natasha Peters, a couple who raped a girl known to them from the time she was 11 years old and for nearly a decade more, have both been released from prison by the Superior Court of Guam.

The Attorney General's Office strongly opposed Mr. Peters's release, and deferred to the court on Ms. Peters's release.

"[Mr. Peters] was released some time ago by the court," AG's spokeswoman Carlina Charfauros said. "Prosecution strongly opposed it. The court granted it over our objection. Prosecution deferred to the court on [Ms. Peters's] release, but I must emphasize that the more culpable was already released against the strong opposition of prosecution."

Ms. Peters was released from jail by the court today, with electronic monitoring, according to Ms. Charfauros.

According to prosecutor Sean Brown in his declaration of probable cause to the court on February 17, 2020, Ms. Peters admitted to police that she and her husband both had sex with the young girl known to them, repeatedly. She also admitted to witnessing her husband using a shiny gold vibrator to penetrate the girl.

The rape started, when the girl was 11 years old and continued through January 2019, when she was nearly 17 years old.

"The victim was notified by an advocate of the Victim Services Center on the release of both defendants," Ms. Charfauros said. "I am not able to disclose anything further out of respect and for the safety of the victim. Further, we are prohibited by law from divulging information about the victim and the case."
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