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BREAKING NEWS: COVID-19 patient visited Sinajana senior center last week

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Following up on reports that a COVID-19 patient visited a senior center last week, Kandit called Sinajana Mayor Robert Hoffman, who confirmed that it was the Sinajana Senior Center that public health officials are investigating for the visit.

"They called us and told us about it, but they wouldn't give us the name," Mr. Hoffman said. "They just wanted, and we gave them, the list of the people who were at the senior center."

The patient is NOT a resident of Sinajana.

According to Mr. Hoffman, he was told the patient also attended Mass services, but not at the Sinajana Catholic church.

He said his senior center patrons have been asked to stay at home. "We've been helping out with food distribution and asking them how they are, because these people don't have social media," Mr. Hoffman said.

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