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BREAKING NEWS: Democratic Party bosses retaliate against San Nicolas; MSN calls for Cruz to resign

The following release comes from Congressman Michael San Nicolas:

Less than three weeks after selecting new Party Officers, the recently elected Chairwoman of the Democratic Party, former Speaker Judi Won Pat, has resigned.
Recently, Party bosses determined behind closed doors to remove Congressman San Nicolas, by endorsing Public Auditor BJ Cruz to challenge him in the 2020 election.
Bj Cruz has confirmed he has accepted the call "to protect the position of the Party."
In the latter half of 2019 and into the new year Congressman San Nicolas, a Democrat, has squared off against the Democrat Governor Lou Leon Guerrero, the Democrat Speaker Tina Muna Barnes, and certain Democrat Senators, over issues like War Claims Payouts, Tax Refund Deposits, and seeking public consent before raising taxes or taking on debt.
In response to the recent actions Congressman San Nicolas states: "Democratic Party bosses have twice before called for my removal from the Party; we never let that distract us from our work and we won't let it do so now. We welcome any opportunity to challenge Party politics when they conflict with what's good for the people. My only hope is that BJ Cruz resign his office immediately, as the Public Auditor is by law supposed to be non-partisan, and engaging in Party politics even behind the scenes compromises the purpose of that office to serve the public good."
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