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BREAKING NEWS: Federal judge declares pro-GRMC, anti-TakeCare law unconstitutional

By Eric Rosario

A law vehemently opposed by Kandit News and the team at 93.3 FM The Point because it appeared to favor GRMC and injure TakeCare Insurance was just struck down by Judge Ramona Manglona as unconstitutional.

Public Law 35-2, which required insurance companies vying for the annual GovGuam health insurance contract to have a subscriber agreement with GRMC, prevented TakeCare from participating in the procurement. TakeCare tried to enter a proposal for the multi-million dollar annual contract, but was disqualified based on the law.

TakeCare then sued the government of Guam. Kandit opposed the law on the grounds that the legislature created an environment of anti-trust violations.

According to the minute entry on the case Thursday in U.S. District Court of Guam, Judge Manglona is to enter a declaratory judgment "pursuant to Rule 54 finding that Public Law 35-2 unconstitutional."

This is a developing story.

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