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BREAKING NEWS: GMH patient tests positive for COVID-19

The following is a news release from the Guam Memorial Hospital:

“A patient who was recently admitted to GMH for non-COVID-19-related illness later tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. The patient was placed in isolation immediately upon suspicion of COVID-19, and the patient remains in isolation. The wing and private room where the patient was admitted has been sanitized as is the standard process for infection control.

Moreover, the allegation that the newborns were put at risk for exposure is erroneous and untrue. The newborns are kept in an enclosed, contained and secured area on the 2nd floor," said Lillian Perez-Posadas, GMHA Administrator. "The Guam Memorial Hospital takes the health, safety, and security of its patients, employees and visitors seriously.

We want to assure the community that as medical professionals, we will continue to go above and beyond and provide quality healthcare to the best of our abilities to all our patients because that is what we love and what the public has entrusted us to do."

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