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BREAKING NEWS: Governor's security cop INDICTED

Attorney General Leevin Camacho is sworn into office January 2019 by Chief Justice Katherine Maraman as his wife, Jennifer, holds the bible.

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Score one for Attorney General Leevin Camacho in his fight against police corruption.

On Friday, his prosecutors succeeding in having a Superior Court grand jury indict Ryan Shimizu, the police officer assigned to Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero's executive security team caught on camera stealing a man's wallet at a Chalan Pago store.

Mr. Camacho's spokeswoman, Carlina Charfauros, will be providing Kandit News Group with a copy of the indictment, which we will share with you today.

Kandit also has learned that Mr. Shimizu was not fired by the Guam Police Department following his in-living-color theft of the wallet; he was allowed to retire from government service.

The money taken from that man's wallet was meant for a medical procedure for the man's daughter.

Neither Ms. Leon Guerrero nor her office issued any apology or remorse for her security guard's theft.

This is a developing story.

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Richard V Leon
Richard V Leon

Another SMH (ouch) and LMAO 4EeevveeerrrRR. Several facts not mentioned:

Shimizu is a familia name linked to which prominent family. There the expected verdict of another Please Deal in the making.

This guy who was on skate board job was brainwashed into bending the Law in his favor. Protecting the queen gov little LouLG who has a brainwash MURAL painted on the Public Library. Yes, who will provide the upkeep of this campaign MURAL

And this GPD thief still has his job at the Keystone GPD.....YES, The American Guamanian Public keeps hearing about Man Power Shortage. Now we have to wonder about what type of character GPD employs since Standards have been lowered.

And the AG gloats…


Richard V Leon
Richard V Leon

The American Guamanian Public has another ‘’Black Eye and Dophe‘ moment. SMH and LMAO 4EEeevveerr. It must be extension of gov. Little LouLG acceptance and believe in REHIRING GEC Certified POLITICAL LOSERS. Remember, the Guam Public VOTED OUT THESE DEFAMATORY INDIVIVIDUALS FROM PUBLIC OFFICE. And Remember gov little LouLG couldn’t put on her pampers without these F-Troopers.

And now this GPD Cop loses face for his substandard action. And he keeps his job. And GPD harps about Manpower Shortage. And Guam residents are brainwashed to march into the like Zombies.


Boycott Marianas Variety.

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