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BREAKING NEWS: GPD completes Red Jeep investigation, forwards report to Attorney General

Cops involved will not face administrative discipline

"We have been made aware that GPD has closed its investigation into the Jerry’s Kitchen incident. We have received parts of the report and await for it in its entirety.
"As with any case, we will review the police reports, conduct additional investigation if necessary, and determine whether the evidence establishes that a criminal offense has been committed and can be prosecuted under law." - Carlina Charfauros, spokeswoman for Attorney General Leevin Taitano Camacho

This is a developing story. Watch our interview with Chief of Police Stephen Ignacio for more below:

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Joe Jardel
Joe Jardel

Guaranteed that if it would have been anyone else. They would have been given a field sobriety test, Arrested and cited for wreckless driving...The video speaks for itself. Especially the part where they backed out and tried to leave the scene. Another case of political cover up. Chief Ignacio whoever you designated to investigate the red jeep incident should be investigated themselves. In the states police officers are getting fired for their crimes. But your boys in blue are getting praised for their Fuck ups!!!!!

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