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BREAKING NEWS: House to subpoena governor, lieutenant governor, and first lady!

The CNMI House of Representatives will be issuing subpoenas to compel the presence and testimony of Gov. Ralph Torres, Lt. Gov. Arnold Palacios, and first lady Diann Torres before the Judiciary and Governmental Operations Committee.

The committee has been conducting an investigation into allegations of corruption and other crimes made against the governor, his wife, and his cronies.

The committee also approved motions to subpoena others, and to subpoena documents from certain officials. Here is the list:

Boating Safety Officers 1. Emery Kaipat 2. Adrian Mendiola 3. Kevin Aldan

PSDs for First Lady 1. Flora Aguon 2. Jhaneeka Atalig

Governor's Executive Assistant 1. Frances Dela Cruz

Subpoena Duces Tecum

PSD Supervisor 1. Joey Cruz (subpoena to testify previously approved)

Subpoenas duces tecum and Subpoenas to testify:

1. Gary Camacho, Executive Director for CUC 2. Diann Tudela Torres 3. Lt. Gov Arnold Palacios 4. Gov. Ralph Dlg Torres

You may watch the proceedings of the short session below:


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