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BREAKING NEWS: Impeachment over, HR 1365 hold lifted, passage soon expected

MSN does it again!

Congressman Michael San Nicolas, despite every pitfall and obstacle placed in front of him has again steered the federal war claims effort back on track. He salvaged the errors made by his predecessor, then got the war claims legislation (HR 1365) through the U.S. House despite local political efforts to see him fail, and now he's about to overcome the hurdles that paused Senate passage in January. The following is information from the Office of Congressman Michael San Nicolas:

With Senate impeachment proceedings concluded, legislative business will resume.
The hold placed on HR 1365 has been lifted, with concerns addressed and no additional objections anticipated at this time.
"Now that impeachment proceedings are concluded we anticipate a strong Senate push to move legislation, and we are optimistic about the prospects of passage for HR 1365," opened Congressman San Nicolas. "I would like to thank Republican National Committeeman Juan Carlos Benitez for his co-piloting of HR 1365 in the Senate, as his efforts will help us get the Republican-controlled Senate to address HR 1365 quickly," Congressman San Nicolas added.
"Passage in February is very possible, and this along with a signature from President Trump will ensure that all remaining +1,800 adjudicated claims on Guam and in the States are paid, and all future adjudicated claims get paid, unless someone assigned their claim to the local government," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.

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