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BREAKING NEWS: King's Harmon removes slot machines

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Lucy Alcorn, owner of King's family restaurants

By Jacob Nakamura, Johnnie Rosario, Eric Rosario, and Troy Torres

(Dededo, Guam) Justice advocate Jesse Mendiola's criminal complaint against the owners of King's family restaurants has forced them to remove the two Liberty slot machines that were stationed in its lobby until last night.

Mr. Mendiola filed the complaint yesterday with the Guam Police Department for King's criminal violation of the law that prohibits the operation of these slot machines on premises, where there are children.

Several children were dining inside King's Harmon, when Mr. Mendiola called the Dededo precinct to take his complaint. Mr. Mendiola asked that the restaurant by shut down until the machines were removed, however neither GPD nor the Attorney General's Office had made such determination. It also is unclear whether the machines were removed by their owners, or whether they were impounded by either GPD or the Department of Revenue and Taxation.

AGO spokeswoman Carlina Charfauros confirmed to Kandit that the police investigation into these crimes has not yet reached the attorney general.

Kandit confirmed that similar slot machines were removed from Linda's Coffee Shop in East Agana today.

Mr. Mendiola's complaint names the registrants and owners of the slot machines - Gil and Connie Jo Shinohara, John and Sheila Torres, Tom Tajalle, and Lauren Bromley. The complaint also names King's owners Dave and Lucy Alcorn and Clifford Guzman.

Justice advocate Jesse Mendiola

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