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BREAKING NEWS: Larry Rupley recounts the day AJ Balajadia raped him as an 11-year-old boy

By Troy Torres & Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Larry Rupley was 11 years old, when his brother's boyfriend at the time, then-rookie police officer Albert J. "AJ" Balajadia, raped him. Balajadia stuffed a sock in Mr. Rupley's mouth, when he screamed for help to muffle the noise.

The rape took place around 1985, when Balajadia was a rookie cop, inside Mr. Rupley's home. Balajadia was dating his brother, who was doing yard work while Balajadia was in his boyfriend's bedroom raping his brother - not even a teenager at the time.

"AJ Balajadia raped me," Mr. Rupley recounted. It happened once, and it has caused him deep emotional trauma and anguish. He held the secret for decades, then finally told his wife a few years ago. Mr. Rupley told Kandit last year in May about what happened, but today was the first time he shared the heart-wrenching details of the rape. He spoke through tears.

"I've suffered through this whole time," Mr. Rupley told Kandit. "It's been so much pain. I've been keeping it a secret and it's been hard. I even kept this from my family."

Mr. Rupley's recounting of the rape:

"He just threw me on the bed. He put me on my stomach. And then he just began to secure my hands and my legs and he just started to force himself on me. He started to take my shorts off and then he started to rape me. I was crying. I was telling him to stop. As soon as I started to make noise he took a sock and put it in my mouth to keep me quiet. I started crying. I just started crying and then he (unintelligible) with his fingers first and I was trying to get up but I couldn't get out, and I wanted to scream my head off but I couldn't because he put his weight already. And then he started to penetrate me with his thing and I started to scream and then I couldn't breathe and when he noticed I couldn't breathe that's when he stopped."

Mr. Rupley ran out of the room and started to run to his brother to tell him what happened, but then he stopped, fearing that because Balajadia was a cop, he would hurt him and his brother. That was the moment he decided to keep this dark secret that would haunt him for decades.

This is a developing story. There is more he has said, and a message he has for rape survivors and the leaders of Guam. Watch Kandit News Live tonight to see the phone interview with Larry Rupley.

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