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BREAKING NEWS: MSN & House rescue Guam from Medicaid Cliff

Congressman Mike San Nicolas

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Congressman Mike San Nicolas and his colleagues are rescuing Guam and the territories from the Medicaid Cliff, which the governor has yet to even disclose to the public.

Mr. San Nicolas informed Kandit that the House of Representatives this week passed a continuing authorization that will stave off the shutdown of the Medicaid program in the territories until November 21. It is temporary relief, but relief nonetheless while members of Congress consider House Resolution 3631.

HR 3631, as we previously reported, is authored by Florida Congressman Darren Soto and co-sponsored by Mr. San Nicolas and his colleagues from the territories. It authorizes Medicaid to the territories from Fiscal Year 2020 forward, increases funding to each territory, and removes the matching requirement of local money to each Medicaid dollar given to Guam in the first two years.

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