BREAKING NEWS: NDAA passes House with H-2B Guam amendment

By Troy Torres

Congressman Michael San Nicolas just announced on the Ray Gibson Show on 93.3 FM The Point that the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act has passed with bipartisan support in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The NDAA includes an amendment by Mr. San Nicolas that reopens Guam's civilian construction projects to H-2B labor for the first time in years.

"The particular amendment that allows us to get in H-2B labor made it in with unanimous support," Mr. San Nicolas told Mr. Gibson.

The measure now goes to the Senate, where the congressman is hopeful the bipartisan support he has built for the H-2B policy on Guam will hold.

The passage of the amendment in the House is just the latest feat in the young congressman's freshman tenure in Congress.

$662M in military buildup funding for Guam

The labor policy isn't the only economy-building provision for Guam in the NDAA. Mr. San Nicolas also championed the inclusion of nearly $663 million in military buildup funding for Guam.

"This year we have over $662 million in military buildup spending for Guam and have a long-awaited solution to our need for H-2B construction labor to be available for civilian projects on Guam, passing the House of Representatives with bi-partisan support." opened Congressman San Nicolas. "This brings our total military spending on Guam for our term to just under $1 Billion, and this along with the breakthrough in our H-2B circumstances are indicative of our ability to continue delivering outcomes for our people working collaboratively to address armed services issues." Congressman San Nicolas added.

"As H.R. 6395 moves to the Senate for consideration we will again be engaging local civic groups, our Guam Republican Party, and leadership in the Government of Guam to all lend their support in getting these critical provisions over the finish line and enacted into law," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.
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