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BREAKING NEWS: Prison guards find cell phone used to run drug empire from DOC

Shawn Johnson

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) DepCor officials confirmed the confiscation of contraband - a cellular phone - from prison inmate Shawn Johnson this week. Mr. Johnson used the cell phone to run his so-called meth empire from inside the prison, where he has been incarcerated first as a detainee and now as an inmate, having signed a plea deal with the government.

Part of that plea deal involved his cooperation against other or soon-to-be drug defendants. Kandit has learned that Mr. Johnson actively is snitching in six drug investigations, all while running his business from within the prison confines. His black market business imports and distributes methamphetamine outside of prison.

The drug dealing and woman-beating inmate has an extensive criminal record dating back years in both local and federal court. He was convicted in federal court of drug distribution.

He has a smaller local case, where he was picked up in 2017 with meth during a pullover. The larger case against him involves his coordination of a conspiracy to smuggle meth into the prison.

Mr. Johnson also has been tied - according to Kandit sources - to an incident at GMH involving several individuals who were arrested and convicted of using the hospital as a drop off point for others to smuggle drugs back inside the prison.

His access to drugs while in prison is well known to both local and federal law enforcement. While Mr. Johnson is helping investigators in six legitimate drug dealing investigations against his former friends and associates on the outside, he also is helping corrupt DOC officers in at least four internal investigations against prison inmates and detainees who are not within the favor of certain corrupt guards.

This brings Shawn Johnson's total cases of snitching to at least 10 ongoing investigations.

Mr. Johnson claims to have psychological issues. In a hearing before District Court Chief Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood regarding his violation of pre-trial release conditions, he told the judge he has ADHD.

Mr. Johnson didn't tell Ms. Gatewood about his preferred sexual proclivities, where he would dress in a red tutu and have women sodomize him with foot-long phallic devices.

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