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BREAKING NEWS: Prosecutor says several officers under investigation


By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Peter Santos, the prosecutor in the case involving Joebert Carlos, the man sucker punched by cop Joey Aguon in a viral video, told Kandit News that his declaration of probable cause to charge Mr. Carlos was based solely on written reports by Mr. Aguon and the other police officers there.

Mr. Santos confirmed that his statement to the magistrate court had to be based on what the officers wrote in their reports. Whether those officers lied is a matter that will be determined in the separate criminal investigation into the officers present, when the police brutality occurred.

Mr. Santos told Kandit in a statement that it is not only Mr. Aguon, who is the subject of the criminal investigation into police brutality and corruption; other officers also are under investigation.

The witness who recorded the viral video told Kandit that he saw five police officers there.

Here is Mr. Santos's exclusive statement to Kandit on this matter:

In response to the Headline "Prosecutor tries to cover up police brutality":
I understand that the way the declaration was written would lead everyone to feel like the story was being twisted in favor of the police officer, but here is what everyone needs to understand so they don't jump to conclusions and conspiracy theories. The Declaration was related to the charges filed against defendant Carlos based on the police reports provided to me. The part regarding the palm strike was copied word for word from the officer's police report. I have a duty to charge Carlos based on the information provided to me. The video was not submitted as evidence so it was not used or considered when drafting the complaint.
I understand there is a totally seperate investigation that has been launched against the Officer and may disprove the police reports I was given in the case against defendant Carlos.
This is how the system works. There are two seperate cases and investigations stemming from the same incident. I am not in any position to adjudicate this incident. My charging of defendant Carlos had nothing to do with the other investigation and was not an attempt to cover anything up. It was simply me doing what normally gets done in these cases.
In the investigation against the Officer i suspect they will look at his report that i used in charging Carlos and compare it to the video and proceed accordingly.
But Kandit must understand that the other investigation is ongoing and any assumptions on the case against the officer would be premature. You have to let these things take its course. I commend Kandit and all other others who promote transparency and combat corruption, but there also a responsibility to know and understand what is happening and how the different processes work in order to present fair and accurate facts and reporting.
God bless.
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I hope they get them corrupted cops

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