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BREAKING NEWS: RICO indictment unsealed in federal court

By Troy Torres

The United States District Court for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands has just unsealed a 2018 indictment proving the U.S. Attorney for Guam and the NMI have indeed filed RICO charges involving the Saipan casino and government officials.

An indictment filed against Peter Wu and Jianmin Xu on March 27, 2018, followed by a superseding indictment against the two plus Yan Shi on August 1, 2019 charges the three with 71 counts of RICO Conspiracy, Conspiracy to Harbor Illegal Aliens, Harboring Illegal Aliens, Unlawful Employment of Aliens, and International Promotional Money Laundering.

Kandit just hours ago broke the story of the appearance of five new criminal cases the U.S. Attorney is bringing that all are sealed.

The indictment and superseding indictment against Wu, Xu, and Shi, along with all federal court documents on the case, were sealed for more than two years until just this morning.

In the most recent filing for the continued sealing of the case in May this year, the U.S. Attorney said the reason for the need to maintain the secrecy of the case was that co-conspirators had yet to be arrested and investigations related to this case were pending.

The case has been unsealed, and five new criminal cases have been filed.

This is a HUGE developing story.

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