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BREAKING NEWS: SNU now COVID isolation center; National Guard activated

(Tumon, Guam) The governor has announced that the Barrigada Heights Skilled Nursing Unit has been transformed into COVID Isolation as of today.

She also has activated the Guam National Guard to assist with emergency operations. Former Lt. Governor Dr. Michael Cruz has been activated as the Guam Army National Guard State Surgeon. Dr. Joleen Aguon is the COVID-19 medical director, and a specialist in pulmonology. She will help coordinate the EMS response.

The governor has activated 50 school nurses to help with the response.

"Each of us, each of the actions we have taken is to protect you," the governor said. "But now is the time for more. I am again aggressively escalating the protection of our island. Effective Friday, March 20 at noon, all public spaces in which people come together for food and beverage, entertainment, recreation, and leisure will be closed until March 30. This means bars, dine-in restaurants, theaters, and others. This social isolation directive will also apply to shopping malls, retail stores, fitness centers, and outlets. But certain essential services will remain uninterrupted. Pharmacies, clinics, convenience stores and gas stations will remain open. And although dining in restaurants will be prohibited, you can receive takeout or delivery."

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