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Bualoi is intensifying and slowing down

By Barbara Brown

(Tumon, Guam) Tropical Storm Bualoi is intensifying, according to both the National Weather Service and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Maximum sustained winds, according to the JTWC as of midnight Sunday are at 51 mph.

Bualoi also has slowed down to 16 mph, still moving west-northwestward toward the Mariana Islands. The storm now is 622 miles east-southeast of Guam.

"As of 11 p.m., the system was located 11.0 degrees north latitude and 153.7 degrees east longitude," according to a release from the NWS. The storm is expected to intensify further, possibly becoming a typhoon by Monday.

The JTWC's forecast now has the storm moving slightly north of Tinian, or seven miles north of the island and 13 miles south of Saipan at its closest point of approach. The entire Mariana archipelago is within the track of the storm and the forecast of its direction can change anywhere south or north within that track.

NWS recommends for residents throughout the Marianas to pay attention to storm updates.

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