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Calvo-Ada in 2022?

By Eric Rosario

Republican Party chairman and former Sen. Tony Ada told Kandit News Group today that he's heard rumors from political circles that he's running for lieutenant governor, but for now, his focus is on winning a seat in the Thirty-sixth Guam Legislature.

Political sources are suggesting that former Gov. Eddie Calvo is running for governor, and that he has asked Mr. Ada to run with him.

He also confirmed that former Sen. Frank Blas, Jr. has mentioned his desire to run for governor in 2022.

"We're always looking out for the future of our island, of our people," Mr. Ada said. "One day I may need to make that leap again, to jump into the race or gubernatorial election. So be it. But as of today, right now, I'm concentrating on my senatorial election."

Here are excerpts from the interview, which you can watch in the video below:

Kandit: What if one day former Gov. Calvo approached you and said, 'Hey Sen. Ada, would you be my running mate for the 2022 election?' Is that something you will consider?
Ada: I always keep all my options open. I'll take it into consideration, you know, how will I be able to continue to help the island, how can I do things to help our people? Do I still have vision and forethought into what we can do to continue to help people? I'll take all those into consideration. Hopefully I get guided in the right way and be able to move forward and say 'Yes, I'll be there' or 'Well, it's just not for me at this point in time."

Kandit: Are there people in the Republican Party who are considering running for governor?
Ada: I believe that former Sen. Frank Blas has mentioned about it.

Kandit: But you have not heard anything from former Gov. Eddie Calvo?
Ada: No. No.

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