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Janela Carrera accuses man of climbing through her bedroom window

By Troy Torres

Public Health spokeswoman Janela Carrera called police early Friday morning after Ricardo Del Rosario allegedly climbed through her bedroom window and refused to leave.

According to a declaration of probable cause against Mr. Del Rosario by prosecutor Alysa Draper-Dehart, police had removed Mr. Del Rosario from Ms. Carrera's residence Thursday at her request. Ms. Carrera told police Friday morning that, when he climbed through her window, he said he was looking for his keys.

Ms. Carrera "left [Del Rosario] in her bedroom and secured herself in another room to avoid further contact [with him]," the prosecutor's declaration reads. According to the magistrate’s complaint, Del Rosario climbed through her window to look for his keys which were later retrieved by Carrera’s son.

Police found Del Rosario lurking behind an abandoned vehicle in front of Ms. Carrera's home.

The prosecutor is seeking a misdemeanor criminal trespass charge against Mr. Del Rosario.

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