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Casinos bankrolled CNMI GOP

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

By Nancy I. Maanao

(Tumon, Guam) The casinos generously rewarded the Republican Party of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands with the lions share of campaign funds raised for 2018 Republican candidates that led to their landslide victory.

The Republicans are in control of Capital Hill, with solid majorities in both houses of the CNMI Legislature. Despite mounting evidence of corruption by the Torres administration, the CNMI House of Representatives - the body where impeachment proceedings would begin - has yet to begin an inquiry; and none of its Republican members has responded to Kandit's questions about whether they will initiate one at all.

The CNMI Republican Party, according to its January 2, 2019 Campaign Financial Disclosure, raised $143,000 in cash from only 66 donors in one day - December 30, 2016, in a fundraiser title GOP Yearend Fundraiser.

Among the donors is Imperial Pacific International (CNMI), LLC, which gave $10,000. So did casino companies Bridge Investment Group, LLC, and Bridge Capital LLC. Casino consultant Alfred Yue's Marianas Consultancy also gave $10,000.

All of these companies are subjects of a massive federal investigation.

So is Blue Continent, which donated $500. Casino executive Viola Alepuyo also gave $500, as did Torres henchmen Diego and Vicky Benavente. These names also appear on the list of 30 people and businesses whose transactions with IPI were subpoenaed by a federal grand jury.

Hongkong-based Skywalker, which is named in the FBI warrants also donated $500. It is against federal law for foreign nationals to donate money to United States elections.

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Why do they look like there stomach sticks out more then there dickdo 😂


Skywalker was IPI's PR firm.

Alter City was supposed to build a Tinian casino. They're connected to the old Tinian casino, as is Alfred Yue.

Honest Profit (what a great name) was supposed to build a mega resort where there's now San Antonio Elementary, if it just weren't for those pesky kids.

The seat of government is Capital Hill, not Chalan Kanoa. Ain't nobody wanna be in control of Chalan Kanoa.

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