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Castro released from jail despite long history of violence, protest from probation officers

By Eric Rosario

Violent criminal and federal felon Andrew Castro, 40, was released from prison Friday night.

The latest criminal allegations against Mr. Castro include ramming his truck into his ex-girlfriend's car as he chased and stalked her shortly after Valentine's Day.

It was the latest in a long history of violent outbursts for the Mangilao son of a retired and well-connected police captain.

Castro, who was hired by Joanne Brown at the seaport only months after his release from federal prison on multiple drug charges, last made waves in January 2020, when he was arrested for terrorizing his neighbor, Gene Estrellado.

Guam Police officers, who initially responded to Mr. Estrellado's call for help, ignored video surveillance evidence showing Mr. Castro trying to break down Estrellado's front door. The video footage also shows Castro assaulting his girlfriend, Rosita Adamos. GPD finally sought after and arrested Castro, but only after caving to public pressure. He was not arrested or charged for assaulting Ms. Adamos at the time.

Despite charges from prosecutor Steven J. Haderlie - including aggravated assault with a special allegation of possession or use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony, family violence, driving while impaired, reckless conduct, and reckless conduct while impaired - Castro's bail was set at only $20,000, and he was able to make payment.

Court sources tell Kandit the decision to release Castro did not come without protest. A report by probation officers described their apprehension at his release, stating Mr. Castro has violated the terms of his release several times.

Castro continues to be on federal probationary status for crimes involving the importation of large quantities of ice through a port of entry. He now works at another port of entry. Good thinking there, Joanne Brown!

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