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CDC eases Guam travel warning

By Nancy I. Maanao

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has lowered its warning to international travelers thinking about visiting Guam from a Level 4: Very High to Level 3: High. The Point 93.3 FM's Ray Gibson alerted Kandit News to the change.

Until today and for the past several months, the CDC has told travelers to "avoid all travel to Guam." As of today, the warning has shifted downward for travelers to "avoid all non-essential travel" to Guam.

The change follows consecutive periods of low infection rates, and a COVID-area risk, or CAR, score that has consistently been below 1.0 for weeks now.

The improved warning for Guam has caught the governor's spokeswoman, Krystal Paco-San Agustin, by surprise. "That looks like it just went up!" she initially reacted to the news. Kandit is waiting for a response from both the Governor's Office and the Guam Visitors Bureau about the change.

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