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Chamorro Affairs president moved to Chamorro Language Commission

By Troy Torres

Ann Marie Arceo no longer is the president of the Department of Chamorro Affairs.

"As part of the governor's reorganization of DCA, the front office and the Kumision I Fino' CHamoru offered me the position to lead and build the New Chamoru Language Revitalization Division and I look it," Ms. Arceo said. "I am so excited and very happy about this move. I can focus on real revitalization work by building this new division! Finally!"

Sources report Arlene Santos, who was detailed to the Guam Public Library System as its acting director, has been detailed to DCA as its acting president.

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Richard V Leon
Richard V Leon
29 juin 2020

Here we go again! the Greedy mama, Granny Goose, Death Nurse and supposed former SinActress, Guam's own goober-na Little LouLG and her F-TROOP Staff of Certified LOSERS woh follow the BoG thumb sucking Logic. This goober-na doesn't know how to play Tres Siete (Spanish Card game). The goober-na shuffles around the UN-Knowledgeable Players to positions doomed for failure. Its proven that goober-na doesn't want professional managers but those that adhere to the 'pari, connections and familia name politriix handbook.' YES, this handbook becomes the embarrassing trademark of Guam Politics Its so embarrassing no one wants to admit it. Just saying


What news did I miss about Will Castro? Did he fall out of Grace with KNG?

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